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Send us your first case for free by printing the coupon on the Downloadable Forms page. The free first case is limited to posterior single units only.

We also offer free shipping. Please call for details.

To send us a case, please download our New Account Form along with the Downloadable Prescription Form and fill them out completely, following the guidelines described for die trim, die prep and design specifics, including a shade.

ZMC Lava Milling Center Requirements

  1. Use light colored die stone (i.e. buff or neutral color).
  1. Do not mark red line on the margin – Do not use die paint or any kind of die sealer, superglue, etc.
  1. Die trim with gentle curve under the margin, clean up die several millimeters below the margin. One single clear margin line please. If the margin is slice prepped anywhere, we may not be able to complete the case.
  1. For single units, all we need is the die. For bridge units, we need removable dual pinned dies, removable adjacent teeth, and removable pontic.
    • Also for bridge work the based model should be removed from any metal type articulator (so it can fit in the scanner) plastic articulators are necessary/required. If hand articulated, please provide reference marks on the adjacent teeth of the models. When necessary, as in fullrestoration cases, or cases with posterior edentulous areas, please send a rubber/putty bite registration. With bridge or splinted cases, all teeth, preps, and edentulous areas must be easily and completely removable from the model’s base. Implants must be accompanied by a removable understructure waxup, please. If an implant is not removable from the model, we must have an analog to accompany the case.
  1. Blocking out dies can be performed with optical scanning wax available from Hi-Tech Wax. (Be certain to block out before you make your matrix).
    • All undercuts must be blocked out.
    • Dies must be built up to ensure that no more than 2mm of unsupported porcelain will result in the finished restoration (i.e. your coping will only be .5mm, so look at your articulated cases with a ceramist’s eye and support your porcelain accordingly, by building up necessary areas utilizing wax or composite (remember not to create any undercuts). Please call if you have any questions. Please send a removable wax coping with any complicated, difficult or extreme buildup case.
  1. To achieve the best fits, training Doctors to prep per the prep guide and screening cases for good “digital preps” is the most critical factor in ensuring good marginal integrity of the coping. The second factor is your block out – don’t use any more wax than necessary to achieve the earlier stated requirements; the more wax, the looser your fit. Any “color” on a die will be masked with a white spray by ZMC. Of course, the white spray adds a layer of thickness to the die, resulting in a slightly looser fit. Therefore, it’s best to stick with a neutral color die stone with no paint, sealer, or red margins so we can use the least amount of spray possible.
  1. Pontics are selected out of a software library, so they usually need someadjustment. A football shaped hi-speed water-cooled diamond is good for adjusting pontic shapes and “smoothing” connectors. The computer will not make a connection smaller than 9 square millimeters and it will void the 5-year warranty if you make a connector smaller than 9 square millimeters, so please take care as you “smooth” these connectors.
  1. Thoroughly sandblast with Aluminous Oxide and steam clean prior to application of porcelain that has the proper C.T.E. If you have any questions, please feel free to call.

Please wrap the models carefully in bubble wrap, and pack them securely in the proper size box. This is important as we have received quite a few broken models damaged in shipping!

You can send a case using the method most convenient for you, either by the shipping company of your choice, US mail, or digital file. If you do choose to send a digital file, please give us a quick call before sending your first case so we can get you set up in our system.

A technician will contact you before beginning your first case to make sure we fully understand your exact preferences for the design.

We will need two days in house to complete the average case, once received. Larger or more complex cases can require more time and you can contact us for that information.

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Technical information

Technical Information

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Before & After

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Send Us a Case

Send Us a Case

Send us your first case for free by printing our coupon. The free first case is limited to posterior single units only.